As an additional service we offer you the possibility of producing various types of stamps.

How to order stamps:

1) When ordering stamps, please specify:

  • the type of stamp or block (rubber bands with text), or the appropriate fingerprint dimensions
  • number of pieces
  • cushion color (when ordering complete stamp or cushion itself)
  • line by line text
  • the required layout - alignment, frame, font type and size, or logo placement, etc.
  • if you want to put the logo on the stamp, please supply us the graphic data in curves - files with AI, EPS, CDR (curved font) or PDF, PSD, TIF, JPG, GIF files are accepted

If you want to order another stamp with the same text, just send a scanned fingerprint by email.

2) Stamps can be ordered:


When approving proofreading, please check carefully the text, layout and all the data you provide. You are fully responsible for agreeing to proofreading. Once the proofreading has been agreed, no further proofreading is possible. The correction sent in the PDF file corresponds to 99% real fingerprint.

Once the proofreading has been agreed, the delivery date of the stamps is 4 working days. In case of ordering larger quantities or atypical stamps, the delivery time will be set individually.